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Reviews by Yukonymous

Good controls, no game.

02 Jun 2015
Very short, with a hint of no point. Here come my reviews.

PLOT 1/5 - Game is very short, and thus, very unenjoyable.
COOPERATION 1/5 - Few things. If the number is right or wrong, the machine isn't SUPPOSED to say "YAY" or "No". The game also isn't suppose to say "YOU POOP". This shows the game maker is very unprofessional at what he/she does.
SKILL 3/5 - Good job. At least you know how to do link pages unlike a number of users on here.
OVERALL 1/5 - Very low in point. So bad it's disgusting. But I do know that this is your first game. I look forward to your future games.

Review for Stuck in Traffick
29 May 2015
Excellent. This game invites the player to portray the minds of the trafficked, while also giving out the information of how much this is an issue in the world. The least to say, fantastic job. This videogame (based on real life) are gratefully given:

Artwork: 5/5
Information: 5/5
Storyline: 5/5
Character Interaction: 4/5