Stuck in Traffick by kulferlin

When we think of human trafficking, we often envision brothels and sex slaves in southeast Asia. What we don't always realize is that human trafficking is the fastest growing crime in the world, and a part of the problem is right under our noses.

New York has one of the highest trafficking rates in the country. Too often, victims cannot receive the basic medical care and housing they need to start their lives again if and when they escape their traffickers.

The goal of this game is to open the player's eyes to the issue of human trafficking happening in our city, and to motivate more people to donate and get involved in organizations working to combat human trafficking and give victims the care and opportunities they need.

Created for the 2015 Junior Advocacy Project.

(WARNING: This game contains mentions of sexual abuse, child molestation, rape, drug use, and brutality.)

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Review by MissCass
07 Aug 2017
Educational. But very boring. Can be both educational and interesting, but it wasn't

27 Jul 2016
As a Game, it wasn't very interactive at all. As an educational experience , it was quite good and informative.

Review by Nutjitzu
14 Jun 2016
I only rated 5 stars for putting up that warning sign in the caption. Unlike some people, they forget to put up a warning sign and my brother ends up having his eyes burned out. Thanks for the warning!

Review by DawnFlare
29 Feb 2016
i did all the views

Review by Charizard.C
05 Jan 2016
I didn't see much in the game. I know that this is the kind of thing the we all should be aware, but just reading, without any interaction, just clicking in hyperlinks; nor any puzzle or moral dilema to decide is quite boring to play.
I'm sorry, but that's a 3-star worth game...

Review by bcpraw
04 Jan 2016
Just ****ing wow.
I really can't say much without spoilers. I can say this: If it is physically possible for you to do so, play all 3 storylines. If you can only play one, I would play Madison's.
Amazing stories, guys. It's even more heart-wrenching that that's actually happening. Just wow.

Review by caity
04 Jan 2016
this was extremely touching, tears were streaming down my face for a countless time period. the story of madison thompson, the 12 year old girl, broke my heart especially. it really gives a better understanding of how they trick and misinform people in order to have them placed into the prostitution system or lured into cruel/abusive working conditions. written in a way that is easy to understand, informative and emotional. great conveyance of situations in order to raise a point. very well done.

Review by ButifulGamerGal
31 Dec 2015
This was really informative. It wasn't too long, too confusing, and it showed how easily people can be roped in

Review by BeggerStager
26 Dec 2015
Really nice information. It's not too long and the wording is easy to read with the spaces. I understand more.

21 Dec 2015
This game doesn't really have any interactivity, but that's what makes it stand out; the inevitability of the situation of each of these females is both repulsive and tragic. When I played this for the first time, I chose Daniela. The story was heavy right from the start, and escalated downward exponentially. However, she appeared to be all right in the end, so how bad could the other stories be? Well, that's the question I asked, and the answer hit me so hard, I flew into next Tuesday. This game pulls NO PUNCHES when it comes to laying down the brutality of prostitution and human trafficking in general. I thought Madison's story was tragic, but Hannah's was depressing as hell, giving the reader no resolution or hope of her ever escaping. Also, you mentioned that this is the kind of crap that actually happens in New York? If so, that pisses me off. Screw making donations to stop human trafficking, I feel like taking a rifle and gunning down those [Multiple Expletives] crime bosses.

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Published 24 May 2015