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Reviews by Life_is_Lifelike

Review for Chill Out Corner
25 Jul 2017
Calming sounds, relaxing pictures and a good educational guide are tools for a great story! The only thing that wasn't perfect was that it was a bit childish for your target demographic, but still all in all a great job on this.

Review for haunted house
25 Jul 2017
This was just a strange story. It throws random things at you every paragraph and their are no branching paths, even though it is not really a puzzle. The deaths are poorly written as well. But keep trying and you will improve!

Review for The Room of Secrets
25 Jul 2017
This was all in all a pleasant use of about 20 minutes and an intriguing puzzle. It wasn't so hard I couldn't figure it out but still a bit challenging. Other than a few grammatical errors, I recommend this game. I also enjoyed how you made the ending.