The Room of Secrets by BMenSD

This is a little puzzle game I made where you wake up in a dark room, with no idea who you are or why you are there. Solve the puzzles and figure out how to escape. Options will appear once you have found the right items that correspond with the option. Thank you for playing and be sure to give me feedback! This should only take about 15-20 minutes (rough estimate.)
Review by Somerandompeople
04 Mar 2022
This is the most epic adventure I have ever seen, the words are easy to understand, and the puzzles are quite challenging to some people but with some time off thinking, we will find the answer to each puzzle. The ending is good.

Review by Life_is_Lifelike
25 Jul 2017
This was all in all a pleasant use of about 20 minutes and an intriguing puzzle. It wasn't so hard I couldn't figure it out but still a bit challenging. Other than a few grammatical errors, I recommend this game. I also enjoyed how you made the ending.

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