Carlii Cortez

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As a game, The Screaming Fountain may have been quite successful, however it was a mistake to release this demo as it is beatable in under 5 minutes. Some nice ideas and I can see how on a broader level - on a FULL version game - this could have really worked. The author has laid some good groundwork for the game, now it is time to start improving it and best of all, expanding it. An adventure in a foreign city, such as Paris, would definetly be fun.

Review for Ebersmile Demo
24 Aug 2002
As a QuestNet game I could see how this could be quite popular - kind of like a IF version of the online RPG Runescape. However, standing on its own, it's not really finished. Scattered rooms, objects and ideas are all there but no polished or stable concepts of gameplay. At least, this game should be playable BOTH by QuestNet AND by itself. Usually, releasing "Demos" of Quest games are a mistake. In this case, that statement rings true.