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Review for Killer Syringe
13 Jun 2005
Obviously you can't read annihilator... I hate this game. Its crap crap crap. CRAP.

Review for Killer Syringe
15 May 2005
This game sucks, I beat it on my first try. Needs more syringes! Steve the gaming guy is an idiot, this game is totally beatable. I hate this game, talk to Nick!!! for some ideas. LockedUP! rules!


Review for LockedUP!!
14 May 2005
This game is AWESOME, I don't know what all these other losers are talking about. Maybe they just didn't "Get it". The dragon was fricking sweet! It took me a while to beat it though, my mom helped me. This game combines in depth puzzle solving and fantastic battle scenes. I felt like I was really there, crushed by a wall. I can't believe I removed the brick, I'm so stupid!! The game reached a new level of awesomeness when I figured out the "warp" by dropping the sword to get to the basement. The wooden door that leads to a pit was so genious, it has inspired me to create a game called "PIT CRAZE" which will be modeled after your game, but with more pits! Keep the great games coming! I'm just about play your other game "Uncle's Mansion" - I can't wait!!!