LockedUP!! by N!ck!!

Guards Have thrown you into a castle with only one exit! And the bad news is the threw away the key!!

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Review by Tai
29 Jul 2007
This was kind of a weird game.

The rooms were all messed up, especially when I went nw or something into a room and to get out I had to go north, which wouldn;t really make sense...
Also the sword thing is weird, but its not THAT big of a deal considering it will take you 5 seconds to "slay" the dragon. So I just grab the oil, gun, and sword, drop sword, and its basically like I slayed the dragon. Though it could of used some work...

Review by Gabriel Branton
23 Aug 2005
-It was okay untill I appeared in random places by beating dragons up and stuff.
-It was short.
-A brick killed me.
-Steve, you do not really mean you liked the game that much...

Review by fakebuster
02 Jun 2005
And thank you for the fake review...

Review by Steve Gendron
14 May 2005
This game is AWESOME, I don't know what all these other losers are talking about. Maybe they just didn't "Get it". The dragon was fricking sweet! It took me a while to beat it though, my mom helped me. This game combines in depth puzzle solving and fantastic battle scenes. I felt like I was really there, crushed by a wall. I can't believe I removed the brick, I'm so stupid!! The game reached a new level of awesomeness when I figured out the "warp" by dropping the sword to get to the basement. The wooden door that leads to a pit was so genious, it has inspired me to create a game called "PIT CRAZE" which will be modeled after your game, but with more pits! Keep the great games coming! I'm just about play your other game "Uncle's Mansion" - I can't wait!!!

Review by Auron Dimitri
13 Jun 2004
This game is utter confusion and chaos. There is no plot-you are in a cell for no reason whatsoever, which, o so conviently, has a sword, machine gun, and some oil in it. Also, a dragon is waiting to be slayed by you; very illogical thinking that doesn't add up to a plot but adds up to disaster.

There are no descriptions in this game. I hate games with monologues for every object, but this game has no descriptions whatsoever. There is a poor design and doesn't let the player truly "get into" the game.

Not that this game doesn't have potential; its concept is not too bad (trying to escape from a cell) but it just is too bare and poorly designed to truly stand out. With some serious revision though, there could be a good game here, but for now, I can not give it more than a

1 OUT OF 5

Review by Ste Edwards
30 Aug 2003
i really dont get the concept or objective of the game, it seems that im just walking around going into dead ends with locked doors, and using strange objects on things. and also, like alex said, why am i starting off with a machine gun? lol

Review by Alex Warren
09 Aug 2003
To improve this game you should:

- use prefixes so room descriptions display properly. "You are in main hall. There is sword, machine gun and oil here" is not proper English and it's the first thing the player sees. This gives a very poor initial impression. Try giving the main hall a prefix of "the" and the objects prefixes of "a" or "some" to make the descriptions read properly.

- give your objects descriptions. Players expect to be able to type "look at sword" etc. to find out more about objects.

- some of the objects are a little peculiar. Why is there a machine gun in the room you have been locked in? Why does dropping the sword after I have picked it up move me to the basement?

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