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Reviews by SprocketBat

Review for Pimp Quest
18 Apr 2018
Probably the best Pimp Simulator I've ever played. Amazing!
It's hilarious and completely random!

18 Apr 2018
This was made with some beautiful lemon magic! 5/5! :D
(It was hilarious and well made, I look forward to playing other games you make!)

Review for 3Rooms
18 Apr 2018
Hilariously irrelevent, great job bbq tiddies (so I'm sitting there right...)!
Also, needs more WBJ

Review for Troll Quest I
08 Feb 2018
I liked your story a lot, the writing is good and it's pretty funny, but I personally think that it's a bit 'deadpan', if you know what I mean. Everything is kinda given to you, and there is nothing for the reader to discover.

But that's my opinion! =D