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Reviews by SmallPixelBoat

Review for Psy High
09 Nov 2020
I loved it!
Its pretty long but it was able to keep my full attention, and I really enjoyed being able to give my character their own personality! ^w^

Review for warrior cats
07 Nov 2020
So...uh....I can't do anything?
The only command I figured out was sit, but I couldn't do anything with that.

Review for Warrior Cats
07 Nov 2020
It was fun-
But I would have liked a few more choices to give Violet a bit more personality :)

07 Nov 2020
I really enjoyed it-

Cool game!
Cant wait for more. :3
I love being insulted-

Review for Fatal Island Part 1
05 Nov 2020
I loved it.
I'm just sad I couldn't actually save the girl-
(I think I might have figured out how now? Yay :3)