Fatal Island Part 1 by Renagrade

You are jolted awake by a thunderous rattling noise. It takes you a minute to realize where you are. You're in a 747 airplane on your way to New York City, and your plane is about to go down.

Find a way to survive the plane crash and make it to shore.

There ARE multiple ways to complete the game.

THANK YOU FOR 20,000! :O :D That's just crazy!

If you have the time, I would REALLY appreciate a review and/or comment! :)

PART 2!!- http://textadventures.co.uk/games/view/fcmflyyhe0kzbu6436zeea/fatal-island-part-2

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Review by Juny
23 Apr 2017
Could have been longer

Review by Mendez
30 Nov 2016
i have no words

Review by kitnkabootle
06 Aug 2016
Really short.

Review by DraconisAngelis
28 Jul 2016
Very interesting, I quite like it. Those moral decisions though, a bit tough, but I think I'm alright for now. Off to part 2! :P

Review by Azura Kirigaya
27 Jul 2016
Cool! I enjoyed it!

24 Jul 2016
I Love It YAY

Review by phynnd
30 Jun 2016
This game reflects my real decision in real life situation

Review by Laijakis
23 Jun 2016
Might contain spoilers:

I really enjoyed this! It was a bit too short but nonetheless entertaining :)
It was interesting to see that you didn't focus too much on the survival aspect as you did on survivors' guilt and moral choices.

I managed to save the girl (in my second try *cough*) but left the man to die when the shark showed up.

Review by Woodelf 12
15 May 2016
excellent. loved playing the game.

Review by Franceybean
28 Apr 2016
Brilliant! Not quite as good as he 2nd one, but still deserves 5 stars.
Maybe would be better if a little longer.
You should make a third one!

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Published 07 Dec 2014
Updated 23 Jan 2016