Fatal Island Part 1 by Renagrade

You are jolted awake by a thunderous rattling noise. It takes you a minute to realize where you are. You're in a 747 airplane on your way to New York City, and your plane is about to go down.

Find a way to survive the plane crash and make it to shore.

There ARE multiple ways to complete the game.

THANK YOU FOR 20,000! :O :D That's just crazy!

If you have the time, I would REALLY appreciate a review and/or comment! :)

PART 2!!- http://textadventures.co.uk/games/view/fcmflyyhe0kzbu6436zeea/fatal-island-part-2

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Review by alesgrbec
22 May 2017
Played part 1 and 2 now... I'm amazed by this game, please do a part 3.

Review by Juny
23 Apr 2017
Could have been longer

Review by Mendez
30 Nov 2016
i have no words

Review by kitnkabootle
06 Aug 2016
Really short.

Review by DraconisAngelis
28 Jul 2016
Very interesting, I quite like it. Those moral decisions though, a bit tough, but I think I'm alright for now. Off to part 2! :P

Review by Azura Kirigaya
27 Jul 2016
Cool! I enjoyed it!

24 Jul 2016
I Love It YAY

Review by phynnd
30 Jun 2016
This game reflects my real decision in real life situation

Review by Laijakis
23 Jun 2016
Might contain spoilers:

I really enjoyed this! It was a bit too short but nonetheless entertaining :)
It was interesting to see that you didn't focus too much on the survival aspect as you did on survivors' guilt and moral choices.

I managed to save the girl (in my second try *cough*) but left the man to die when the shark showed up.

Review by Woodelf 12
15 May 2016
excellent. loved playing the game.

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