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Review for Avast, Ye Mateys!
08 Aug 2017
First time playing. I have some notes for if anyone reads these. The game gets pretty tedious at a certain point, since enemy ships don't level up along with you and everything becomes quite easy. I really only kept playing at this point to get the achievements. Speaking of which, there should at least be some sort of notification when you get an achievement. Anyways, the game shows promise, just needs to be better fleshed out and for God's sake get some better pictures.

Cutthroat: 125
Ships Defeated: 101
Explorer: 110
Days Spent at Sea: 369
Plunderer: 79
Total Gold Accrued: 13895

Cutthroat Epic Accolades
Defeat Captain Lobo: [X]
Defeat Admiral Bronte: [X]
Defeat Captain Sid: [X]
Defeat 100 Ships: [X]

Explorer Epic Accolades
Catch the Leviathan: [X]
Find the Lost Treasure of Midnight Neptune: [X]
Spend 365 Days at Sea: [X]

Plunderer Epic Accolades
Pillage Queensland: [X]
Loot the Behemoth Treasure Ship: [X]
Accrue 10,000 Gold: [X]