Avast, Ye Mateys! by peter123

Explore as an adventuring seafarer!

Improve your ship at the harbormaster, recruit fresh crew members at taverns, and overhear rumors and clues to guide your quest.

Will you work with the Imperial Navy, or do you long for life as a coldblooded pirate?

Save often, for any misstep could be your last! Post your scores, rate and review!

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Review by thedynhamite
17 Dec 2016
love this game I can't get enough of playing it I think that everyone who loves a good game should play this

Review by georgri
15 Dec 2016
I loved the game! The exploring through rumors part of it is amazing!
The game is kinda addictive. Wish there were more goals and content.

Review by Zork1
05 Dec 2016
a ok ;}

Review by kinglinus1
17 Nov 2016
This game was expertly made, with pretty good art work, and a advanced scoring system. Utterly brilliant.

Review by Blayded
10 Nov 2016
Love it! So Much Fun

Review by Neilson
02 Nov 2016
Great game, simple yet profound where it counts. Very fun

Review by Regisblackgaard
31 Oct 2016
Awesome! I love it. It has a very basic gameplay but is extremely addictive.

Review by WhiteWolf888
23 Sep 2016
Hull: 47
Armor: 6
Cannons: 79
Crew: 59
Gold: 4098

Review by MensisXIII
29 Jul 2016
29 Jul 2016
Hull: 399
Armor: 30
Cannons: 101
Crew: 450
Gold: 12

Cutthroat: 171
Ships Defeated: 105
Explorer: 194
Days Spent at Sea: 612
Plunderer: 140
Total Gold Accrued: 30603

Cutthroat Epic Accolades
Defeat Captain Lobo: [X]
Defeat Admiral Bronte: [X]
Defeat Captain Sid: [X]
Defeat 100 Ships: [X]

Explorer Epic Accolades
Catch the Leviathan: [X]
Find the Lost Treasure of Midnight Neptune: [X]
Spend 365 Days at Sea: [X]

Plunderer Epic Accolades
Pillage Queensland: [X]
Loot the Behemoth Treasure Ship: [X]
Accrue 10,000 Gold: [X]

What am I doing with my life...
Great game 10/10

Review by aideybum
11 Jul 2016
It's an okay game. I probably wouldn't spend my time playing it though. No real story.

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Written for Quest 5.5
Published 28 Mar 2015
Updated 11 Jul 2016