Avast, Ye Mateys! by peter123

Explore as an adventuring seafarer!

Improve your ship at the harbormaster, recruit fresh crew members at taverns, and overhear rumors and clues to guide your quest.

Will you work with the Imperial Navy, or do you long for life as a coldblooded pirate?

Save often, for any misstep could be your last! Post your scores, rate and review!

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Review by Natenex Exon
15 Feb 2019
I love this game, and have been playing it on and off for 2 years now. I hope that one day the creator will come back and update it.
(If you save frequently the freezing isn't a problem)

Review by Megabits2
25 Nov 2018
Good to play, but after you've explored and completed most of it, it can get very boring, I think you would need to add more in

Review by Pooman
07 Sep 2018
i liked it

Review by Golden PenGirl
18 Jul 2018
The game was good but it freezes a lot! Not cool.

Review by RAsWILL
13 Jul 2018
Would be a lot cooler if it didn't freeze all the time, to be fair I liked it enough to try quite a few times... but 6 times freezing and I'm out.

Review by TrojanHorse1
30 May 2018
Fairly complete game. It could have a bit more story, but the game mechanics were easy to operate. Maybe make it more challenging in the late game. It's decent to have a bit of fun with.

Review by Slayer78
19 Feb 2018
It was really fun, but it kind of got boring doing the same stuff over and over. If you were to add more to the game, I would add that the navy hunts you down if you haven't signed any contracts.

Review by Anonymous AJ
19 Feb 2018
It's a fun game, but it freezes often, and I've had to restart from scratch after making a fair bit of progress. Very frustrating when that happened, but a good game otherwise.

Review by DarthBob
16 Feb 2018
fun, but occasionally freezes. but has good game mechanics

Review by M8rx7
18 Jan 2018
I love this guys games. Always so fun.
Love the game mechanics.
Keep it up.
Oh but one thing.
If you get flagged by the navy and have no money. You don't need to pay. just an observation.

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