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Review for Avast, Ye Mateys!
15 Jun 2017
15 Jun. 2017
Ship Stats:
Hull: 442
Armor: 48
Cannons: 83
Crew: 590
Gold: 136

Reputation [Sea Devil]:
Cutthroat: 144
Ships Defeated: 108
Explorer: 181
Days Spent at Sea: 597
Plunderer: 217
Total Gold Accrued: 50510

Cutthroat Epic Accolades:
Defeat Captain Lobo: [X]
Defeat Admiral Bronte: [X]
Defeat Captain Sid: [X]
Defeat 100 Ships: [X]

Explorer Epic Accolades:
Catch the Leviathan: [X]
Find the Lost Treasure of Midnight Neptune: [X]
Spend 365 Days at Sea: [X]

Plunderer Epic Accolades:
Pillage Queensland: [X]
Loot the Behemoth Treasure Ship: [X]
Accrue 10,000 Gold: [X]

A very good and addicting game! But it randomly locks up. 4.5/5