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Review for THETA
09 Nov 2018
This game was great I had a lot of fun Exploring all the things that you could do. Digesting people It seems a bit Anti-climactic They scream And then they're just not inside of me anymore :/ Phirae Is the only one that wasn't very anti-climactic Squirms and Wiggles a bit But Phirae Has only been nice to me The entire game And digesting him It just kind of makes me feel bad and eating things It's okay I wish there was more interaction with the other things inside Like if you drink water Phirae should Squirm a bit as the cold water pours on him idk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Oh and There's this green cat I don't know if it was a bug But I couldn't find any interaction with him I tried everything But all i was able to do was look at him To tell me that he was a Green cat Once again Great game Definitely would recommend Can't wait to see more content If the Creator is planning to add more