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"Explore the world of Mitiene, a city bustling with activity, most notably within people's guts. With a rich and diverse populace, it's a wonder society manages to function with half of it constantly stuck inside the other half. Explore several fun locations, meet cute characters, and get to know them inside and out!"

- Over 150k words!
- Over 80 different vore scenes!
- Vore
- Anal Vore
- Cock Vore
- Unbirth
- Weird Alternative Vore
- Full Tour
- Lewdness
- Micro
- Macro
- Object Swallowing
- Fatal and NonFatal Vore
- Willing and Unwilling Vore
- Vore as both Predator and Prey
- Male and Female Predators
- Male and Female Prey
- Cuddling
- Probably a lot of bugs

Note: As always, the online player is buggy as all hell, because effectively you're playing the game downloaded onto the server, which has to take your input, send it to Quest, run the code, get what's returned, and then send it back to you. As such, 90% of the bugs you'll find when playing online are entirely down to the site itself.

Download the game from the sidebar on the right if you can, it runs so much better. ----->

(If you're on mobile or mac, I'm sorry!)

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Review by Marlokai
30 Oct 2020
This needdddds to be updated ASAP need more vore X3. *stomach gurgles*

Review by CatGuy
25 Oct 2020
Absolutely incredible!!!

Review by JayDeBirb
27 Aug 2020
love it so many options kinda confusing

Review by Ironwolf2017
26 Aug 2020
Hey i want tobask you something if you dont mind could you have for the the rabbit taur if you stay in her intestines to long you become digested and if you have sex with the dog you become pregnant also i want you to add another charecter wolf link where you can have sex with him get pregnant by him and you can have him eat you by devouring you, anal vore you, cock vore you

Review by Thundergame
23 Jul 2020
I LOVE it !

Review by Ronan Steel-blood
30 Jun 2020
I have been playing this for years and I used to be at about the 3 range. Now with Scone in the mix, I am very pleased with the game. One thing still bothers me, Etto. Poor birb has been a place holder for too long. Another issue I have is with Scone's context. She says that you "can do that against anyway you please" yet you can only swallow her. Can there be more options for these characters? Only one situation isn't the most fun thing. Overall, though, well done.

Review by CamTheNeko
04 Jun 2020
Absolutely love it

Review by Kithoro Firefall
05 May 2020
It took me a while to get the controls, but hint, using the plus button on the text box leads you to buttons that can help you escape situations, and that button is helpful in the begining. Another is the location button, which allows you to talk to people without playing guessing games. Good work!

Review by Manatee
08 Apr 2020
probably the best game on this website

Review by ArchieVore
25 Mar 2020
A great text adventure. It must have taken LOT of planning

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