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"Explore the world of Mitiene, a city bustling with activity, most notably within people's guts. With a rich and diverse populace, it's a wonder society manages to function with half of it constantly stuck inside the other half. Explore several fun locations, meet cute characters, and get to know them inside and out!"

- Over 150k words!
- Over 80 different vore scenes!
- Vore
- Anal Vore
- Cock Vore
- Unbirth
- Weird Alternative Vore
- Full Tour
- Lewdness
- Micro
- Macro
- Object Swallowing
- Fatal and NonFatal Vore
- Willing and Unwilling Vore
- Vore as both Predator and Prey
- Male and Female Predators
- Male and Female Prey
- Cuddling
- Probably a lot of bugs

Note: As always, the online player is buggy as all hell, because effectively you're playing the game downloaded onto the server, which has to take your input, send it to Quest, run the code, get what's returned, and then send it back to you. As such, 90% of the bugs you'll find when playing online are entirely down to the site itself.

Download the game from the sidebar on the right if you can, it runs so much better. ----->

(If you're on mobile or mac, I'm sorry!)

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Review by Guest666
28 Aug 2021
has some the best writing write up there in my top three. Amazing id love to see more updates, i know these are diffcult to work on and it probable wont see any future updates this will remain one of my favorites,

Review by waterfall wild
01 Jun 2021

thea might haves some vorish and lust moments but is a great one

Review by Inksphere
20 Mar 2021
This is always a fun little thing I always come back to, which is… well, not so little. Lots of content, I personally don’t experience the bugs/errors I was promised. (Though it does only say there will PROBABLY be lots of bugs, so I can forgive it.)

I would personally like a bit more trans-girl/femboy CV? But that’s just a personal preference, and honestly it’s already pretty fabulous.

(Casually looking forward to future updates)

Review by Requiem70
14 Mar 2021
I absolutely love this game but I wish there were more "bad ends" in it. Such as one with Rylide or Cream. Besides that the game is loads of fun.

Review by Miner87
12 Mar 2021
Well 4.9 whats the point of having a time if it don't change other than that though i love it.

Review by jmnevil54
07 Feb 2021
I enjoyed it! It was complicated, but I enjoyed it. I just wish I knew where the unbirth was...
It's kind of glitchy...
Great game! 4/5 stars!

Review by WakaBakaLaka
18 Jan 2021
It's a great text adventure but it's been bugged for me for decades, so I haven't been able to do anything with it. Every time I try to resume it brings up me standing in the library and I can't do anything, if I try to go anywhere nothing happens if I try to interact with anything nothing happens, starting over doesn't help either, when I save and try to come back I'm right back in the same spot. :/ This one was my favorite too.

Review by pc2424
13 Jan 2021
Really great job on this adventure. Enjoyed it 👍

Review by DlVIN1TY
12 Jan 2021
Pretty good. Really fun and a lot of scenarios that take time to find to keep it interesting but please expand it.

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