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31 May 2015
Though this isn't a game (no choices) it's still something sweet and I really liked it. It's a fantastic way of using this programm to create a story like this. The pictures and the highlights in the text form a great atmosphere. Thumps up so it has a few perks.

28 May 2015
Even better than the first one! And all this choices and endings are just frickin awesome! I won't stop playing until I mastered all the 22 endings. And again you sir deserve more than just 5 stars.
Kepp up the good work you awesome thingy!

28 May 2015
This game is really awesome! The achievements are a brilliant idea and the story in general. Not to forget the story and how it is written and all the different options you have. I'd glady give you one more star if I could (not two more; cause we all know the 7th would suck).

Warning Spoiler (duh):

Best Achievement ever: I shot first.