Star Wars: Escape the Flagship by awsomethingy

You are a Stormtrooper who has been captured during a mission on a rebel flagship. You are currently awaiting execution; can you escape and get to the escape pods?

Play this game multiple times. There are much more than a single ending for each Chapter. Just check the achievement list to see how many paths there are for each chapter. Though there is not an achievement for every single path.

This is a message for Titanfield. Stormtroopers are not clones, and it is painful to see you give a 2 star rating for a reason you were misinformed about. :(

Star Wars: Escape the Flagship 2 is out!

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Review by thesmallwar
08 Dec 2017
brilliant detail and very fun

Review by crowbardoctor
28 Sep 2017
good but kinda short

Review by esteemedtroglodyte
24 Sep 2016
Great game. The effort you put into this is immense, though I'd love to give you a 5-star rating, the writing style somewhat put me off.

Still a fantastic game, awsomethingy!

Review by DarkForestCrow
03 Jul 2016
Game is short, interesting and is easy to play. Visual design is not lame as well - it's just a text on a white screen.
You don't need to type anything to play it - you always have a list of choices. This is good for newcomers in the world of IF. You play as a Stormtrooper who has been captured during a mission on a rebel flagship.

I always wanted to be a stormtrooper: miss every shot, die in glory.

I do really suggest you to try to play this game if you are novice and still wondering 'Is this real? People are playing games with text only during the age of Unreal Engine?' You will see how powerful is your imagination.

Also, I have a bit more detailed review here:

Review by Celedin
17 May 2016
Really great game. Love the different methods for approaching each situation.

Review by Wu Rayan
13 May 2016
I really liked how the game lets me choose my methods of acting between stealth and agressive or persuade and intimidate

Review by Franceybean
19 Mar 2016
I love it. It's great! I did feel a bit guilty killing that guy with the kids though...

Review by Olly Stewart
27 Jan 2016
I thought that it was very good. The new stormtroopers are actually individuals and I really liked all the different endings.

Review by TitanField
30 Sep 2015
Its an interesting text adventure but the thing is that your playing as a storm trooper they are clones made to follow orders and not think for them selves and they can not shoot and they show no mercy

Review by steffableSteff
28 May 2015
This game is really awesome! The achievements are a brilliant idea and the story in general. Not to forget the story and how it is written and all the different options you have. I'd glady give you one more star if I could (not two more; cause we all know the 7th would suck).

Warning Spoiler (duh):

Best Achievement ever: I shot first.

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