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15 Sep 2019
Very Very Very poor attempt at a game, rips off Shrunken at High School so blatantly with being in a school and having a masochist card, the righting is awful with such lines as "To day is tiny day, when you turn 18 you are shrunken down and forced to survive the day" and is obviously trying to be Shrunken at High School but with no effort or talent what so ever. No ability to write fleshed out interesting death (unless it involves urine) and no talent in QUEST as the 'Take' feature is an option for every item despite it not being possible to pick up said item, it showed how lazy the author is to not even try to learn QUEST before farting this out.

I don't know how it is possible but the author made the text adventure game have a terrible look about it, horrible unneeded grey just to rub in how boring and dull it is.

To sum it up, this game has no reason to exist except a delusional lazy author who thinks they can make their own version of a well written and interesting game, I also have suspicion the good reviews are made by the author too with their comment history being rather all at once and similar which makes me think he made the account and commented on a few other games just to boost the ratings here.

All in all play Shrunken at High School for an actually good game, Link:

Review for Shrunk at the Pool
27 Aug 2019
Very obviously a copy of Shrunken at a Club, most deaths are just a copy of the deaths from that game but what I can say is the original deaths here are pretty good, if the author didn’t copy the other game it would be easily a 4 or even 5 star game but because of it’s plagiarism and down right uncreative attitude it deserves at most a 2 star.

Again the original content is really good and if there was only original content this game would be great but you know the issue by now, also the author better change the “You see a Latina and a Black” line that HighImpactMoth pointed out.

Also for the love of god can we as game makers fix the ‘Take’ function, you obviously know how to take the function out so please make sure you do it for all items, also if you don’t have anything to write don’t leave a function in that remains default like Look being left as “Nothing out of the ordinary” it’s so annoying and lazy.