Shrunk at the Pool by Scarcity

A work in progress GTS game, mainly focused on deaths. Bare bones at the moment, but I intend to update it often. Quite possibly buggy.

No items are currently implemented.

8/23/2019 UPDATE #1:

East end of the pool has been added, adding three new deaths with a lifeguard. To access these endings and deaths you simply have to climb her chair, it should be self explanatory.
Vore galore. A snack bar has appeared in the southeast end of the pool, bringing with it eight new deaths, six vore related ones. Once again, to access these deaths simply climb the worker in the southeast end of the pool.
As per a suggestion, deaths have been numbered. Go wild.

More scenery. Most of the rooms feel empty, but that will be remedied in some future updates.
As suggested, locker room and bathroom scenes will be added, with a door to them in the southwest corner of the pool, with the west end of the pool being used as another room for pool interactions, and the south end as the entrance.

If any of you who have played the game want to leave a suggestion in the comments, or a review, that would be greatly appreciated. I'd like to know how i can improve, and what you want to see added in the future updates to the game.

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Review by pxycho
09 Nov 2022
always been mixed with this one.
one, the character name choices are very damn-near racist if not just purely being so. i mean come on, "black", "latina", it's very offensive.
apparently the game also has elements just torn from shrunken at the club which i wasn't even aware of, and that is not very cool.
other than that, the actual original content is actually pretty good, and this game would've had potential if it didn't have so many cons.

Review by Weevers666
12 Oct 2022
Please update it

Review by Txtadventurer
13 Jan 2022
Come back

Review by Gibby7777777
21 Dec 2021
Wish this game was still being updated.

Review by Tiny man 71196
05 Nov 2021
I could say.. That is my most favorite game right now in GTS/Shrunk

Review by Christin
22 Jan 2021
it be 2021 we still wating

Review by aceshley1989
18 Oct 2019
this game is really awesome. for the next update please let there be rebirth in the girl's locker room.

Review by proveyed
27 Aug 2019
Beneath the several technical issues that show a general lack of polish on your game, it also unabashedly copies mine!

Technical problems:
- When creating a new object, click on the "object" tab. At the bottom you'll see "display verbs," click the "take" option and delete it if the object cannot be taken.
- Always add a description if you add an item, if it says "Nothing out of the ordinary." when examined then you forgot to add a description.
- If you create an object, make sure to change the prefix to match. If you have an unnamed woman, like a latina, on the "setup" tab find the "type" option and select "female character." For the most part those options will automatically assign proper prefixes and you won't get stuff like "you see a black" anymore.
- After going east from the spawn point, you have to go... east again? to get back. Change the exit to west.
- At the snack bar counter, both down and south will let you exit the table. You only need one exit.
- There are a variety of entirely pointless objects with no examine or options to interact, like the working woman's waist. Why? Don't include them.

Writing issues:
- Very blatantly racist character names in the "black" and "latina" character. What? At first I thought this was a simple fix but racial descriptions are deeply engrained in almost every description throughout the game, even whenever you're dying in the working lady's sock the game feels it's needed to remind you how Filipino she is.
- Some grammatical issues here and there but hey that's nothing to trip over dude it's still exceedingly above average.
- You really went off and copied my whole shit and didn't think I would notice I guess? The effort at which you've gone to mimic my writing style is absurd. There's so many proveyed-isms in here it's insane, what with the calling the character pathetic when they die, emphasizing irrelevance upon digestion and even "swamp ass." Damn! I'm the bitch with the sauce, apparently.

I want to flame you harder so you should join my discord. It's on my game page. Maybe we can be friends after you explain yourself. Hope this review helps.

Review by shrinkydink
27 Aug 2019
Very obviously a copy of Shrunken at a Club, most deaths are just a copy of the deaths from that game but what I can say is the original deaths here are pretty good, if the author didn’t copy the other game it would be easily a 4 or even 5 star game but because of it’s plagiarism and down right uncreative attitude it deserves at most a 2 star.

Again the original content is really good and if there was only original content this game would be great but you know the issue by now, also the author better change the “You see a Latina and a Black” line that HighImpactMoth pointed out.

Also for the love of god can we as game makers fix the ‘Take’ function, you obviously know how to take the function out so please make sure you do it for all items, also if you don’t have anything to write don’t leave a function in that remains default like Look being left as “Nothing out of the ordinary” it’s so annoying and lazy.

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