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Reviews by Decoded360

02 Jun 2015
Great for a first game! Normally I'd give a low rating for a first try because, well the creator has no experience, but this had a ton of potential! One problem was that the code was pretty simple- the first digit shouldn't have been the same as the first number you find, even if it's obvious that the first number you find is for the third digit to put in, because the player will almost always put in the first number they find regardless of anything saying otherwise.

Anyway, great job. I can see you making some awesome escape games.

Review for Fatal Island Part 1
02 Jun 2015
That was great! I love how the different endings are set up.
The only reason this isn't a 5 star review is because of how short it is, and a few spelling errors, though there is nothing major- I do realize this has a second part, but the length of this part was a little short for me.

Review for Eat Cow To Live
15 Aug 2014
The end was hilarious, and I wonder if any of the "shoot" options works?