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Review for Shrunk down
18 Apr 2020
Don't bother, it's literally just all foot fetish garbage. Gtfo with that, it shouldn't even exist in gts content. The setup isn't even remotely interesting without pandering to cringey foot fetishists.

Review for Shrunk at College
27 Sep 2019
Should be titled "Shrunk with feet" since that's literally all this game appeals to. Even when you try your hardest to avoid it, the game's dev blatantly crams it down your throat anyway. Every corner of this god-forsaken game has something written down about feet. The writing is sub-par, so you've got that going for you. But when the game dev isn't jerking himself off with his own mother's socks in hand - the game hardly ventures outside of repulsive foot worshipping antics. Want to climb a giantess? Nope~ Just jump in her shoes and die. Repeat that a couple hundred times in different locations and that's the entire thing. Want to explore other rooms and get up to some other mischief outside of fucking drooling over feet? No and fuck you for thinking you could enjoy some gts content that doesn't constantly pander to foot fetishists around every single conceivable corner.

TL:DR - Avoid this game at all costs.

Review for School Giantess
07 Sep 2018
Some of the deaths are pretty abrupt, making you start all over from the beginning after each one. But I'm glad it's not fully focused on feet content.

12 Jun 2018
Pretty great start so far. Finally a gts game on here with some interesting characters. Keep at it!

Review for Esplorando Casa
24 May 2018
Looks really detailed and well done but desperately needs and English translation. Having to go into google translate just to understand something is getting really tedious.

Review for shrunk tour
06 Feb 2018
Poor grammar and it's all volatile foot content.

11 Oct 2016
Seconded, my last comment was meant to be a review but oh well. This and The Dare I love to death. Both thoroughly well done and enjoyable giantess games and I'm so glad they're open to suggestions/requests. Apologies my comments and banter is all over the place~ >.<

Review for The Dare (giantess)
07 Aug 2016
Coming here everyday to play and watch for more updates. So eager to see what comes next! Had a lot of fun with this one and is by far my favorite text adventure. Would you be interested in the suggestion I made in the comments? Thanks!