Shrunk at College by Sheograth10

10/13/20: Just had to fix something. I'm working on other things right now though, including a Shrunk at College RPG Maker game, so follow on Twitter if you want to see whenever I finish with that or any of my other projects! Currently, I've got a poll story going on my Twitter, featuring Allison, where the voters can steer the story in any direction.

7/4/20: Just made a few minor changes, including a segment that goes between where you get Nesi's attention and when you give her the foot massage. I also added a few more images to the game. I'm working on some new content, so hopefully I'll get them out there before too long!

4/24/20 UPDATE
I just added 2 alternate LITE versions of Shrunk at College, which have vastly reduced content, mainly for online saving purposes. One version focuses on Alena & Nesi, and one version focuses on Allison. To access these versions of Shrunk at College, use the 'Shrunk at College Lite' object in the Starting Screen. I'd only suggest playing these versions if you cannot download Quest to play the game offline.

4/21/20 UPDATE
This update mostly focuses on Allison's apartment and the library, which is access while in her apartment. There are plenty of other improvements, so take a look at the full changelog below!

3/8/20 UPDATE
This update overhauls Alena's apartment area and does some other things too. Check this pastebin to see a more detailed list of changes:

2/8/20 UPDATE:
It’s time for another update, and this one is of Liz’s Aware Continuation Route!

This update also adds in two extra characters, though one has appeared already in-game. They are Amy Kobayashi & Kayleigh Smith. You can get the attention of either of them, and they’ll definitely be fun to interact with. And expect a lot of aware interactions with Amy, where you can have a major impact on where she is and what sorts of interactions you can have.

Also, this update adds in a collection of character art. Some are like game CGs that you might see at the end of a death sequence. You can access them all in-game, at the Starting Screen. And each character bio includes a profile image too. A few will be added to the first post here, so feel free to take a look!

MEGA Link of Character Art (use this whole URL to decrypt the folder)!QFw33aKS!DAG_H9pxhzzSzitaGjzNdQ

The images in-game will require you to be connected to the internet while playing, so if that might be an issue, you can download all the images from this MEGA folder. The files are all named so it’s clear where they appear.

Enjoy the update!

Some Character Art
Liz Orfino

Amy Kobayashi

Kayleigh Smith

9/26/19 UPDATE: This update adds a whole new area to explore. It's the university's dance studio. You'll need to navigate a chaotic landscape and avoid dancing women who are totally oblivious of your presence. In this location, Nesi & Allison take center stage. But you can also find Liz, plus a few others hanging around.

The update adds 14 new death scenes, which doesn't include the multiple deaths that can be triggered by exploring the dance floor. And most deaths have minor changes if you've gotten the attention of that character first. And a few have larger changes.


EDIT: I've figured out that the online saving bug is probably caused by the size of the game. I'm not going to be able to fix that, so let me know if you are not able to download the game (I've heard that Quest doesn't work on certain computers), and I'll tell you how to access the dev room. That one contains shortcuts I use to move through the game quicker.

Check/follow my Twitter for updates on my size stories! I usually make a post when a new chapter is out. And I will typically say when I'm doing work on the TA as well.

And check out my DeviantArt page to find my stories and the images you'll find in the text adventure!

This is a simple story about a guy (you) who mysteriously shrinks one day. You are teleported to one of your female friends' apartments. You are a college age student, in your 3rd year. You will need to explore your new surroundings, scavenge for materials, and do your best if you want to be discovered, and not die in the process.

In the current build, you will explore your friend Alena Scarea's apartment, and run into her as well as your mutual friend Nesi Kher. You can also explore your friend, Allison Kim's, apartment, and find a way to get to the university gym and library, through her apartment area. And you can also explore you professor's apartment, Liz Orfino, and also meet your friends Anita Li & Tanya Deshmukh along the way.

Character descriptions are in the first screen.

1) Over 100 (probably a lot more) total death scenes
2) A good balance of unaware and aware scenarios
3) Mainly feet centered content, but there is a decent amount of vore/mouthplay and other kinds of content as well

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Review by GtsBibi
03 Jan 2022
There are so many options! I spend hours playing this but I think I’ve only reached maybe around 40% of all interactions until now. Those highly detailed descriptions of your surroundings and actions is just insane! My favorite parts are the unaware things. Hopefully you’ll add new content soon to create new paths and interactions.

My only issues are:
- Other stuff besides Feet would be great too (Like Amy’s interactions at the Liz path)
- Maybe it could be possible to add a feature to stay unaware or maybe there’ll be a whole storyline where the goal could be to stay hidden for as long as possible?
(- The saving bug while playing online but I know it’s because of the size of the game)

Review by MaybeAUsername
01 Jan 2022
Surprising amount of JoJo references

Review by Kirb
04 Nov 2021
It’s pretty good 👍

Review by Bone Wizard
25 Aug 2021
I firmly believe that Sheograth10 has made a classic on text adventures. The amount of choices is insane. I do have 2 complaints and that is there is a bit too much feet content. I would love it if there was more variety. For my final complaint is that I can't seem to download SaC on Quest. On a closing note Nesi is my favorite girl I just love her teasing personality. I truly hope that you keep updating this game because it is FANTASTIC!

Review by SomeCallMeDavid
19 Jun 2021
The game itself is a delight to play and experience. Personally I'm not a fan of violent deaths, and I'd prefer a lot more fluff where the ladies in question just have fun with the player, but there's a good balance. My only problem is that the website constantly glitches out and the game freezes before I can make substantial progress, forcing me to go back to the beginning constantly for no reason.

Review by Buzzkill
20 May 2021
Very good writing and is one of my favorites!

Review by CatBoi
29 Jan 2021
Definitely the best giantess game I have played on this site, I always see myself coming back and enjoying it even more every time. Keep up the good work.

Review by NickoKiD
26 Aug 2020
Ot is a good game but i am waiting fot new content but all in all really amazing game

Review by P3066578
12 Aug 2020
very good.

Review by Matcauthon
08 Aug 2020
Excellent story

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