Shrunk at College by Sheograth10

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This is a simple story about a guy (you) who mysteriously shrinks one day. You are teleported to one of your female friends' apartments. You are a college age student, in your 3rd year. You will need to explore your new surroundings, scavenge for materials, and do your best if you want to be discovered, and not die in the process.

In the current build, you will explore your friend Alena Scarea's apartment, and run into her as well as your mutual friend Nesi Kher. You will also explore your friend Allison Kim's apartment, and interact with her, as well as find ways to reach different college locations through her apartment. Character descriptions are in the first section.

1) Around 50 total death scenes
2) Around 5 or so non-canon ends
3) A good balance of unaware and aware scenarios
4) A super secret JoJo reference, as well as a few smaller JoJo references sprinkled in
5) Mainly feet centered content, but there is a decent amount of vore/mouthplay and other kinds of content as well

12/22/17 Minor Update:
I make a quick update fix, where I changed all the pieces of text that play when you enter certain areas. Now a continue prompt will appear, making it so you won't accidentally miss a line of text that might make a transition make a lot more sense. I've also broken up a few super long walls of text, making it a bit easier to experience them. Take care!

12/2/17 Minor Update:
This update changes how the timers work in the game. Now when you experience a background timed event (like the text that appears while you're in Alena's moccasin) there will be a continue prompt, so you won't accidentally miss when an event occurs. I've also changed the timed deaths so this won't negatively things, so feel free to read through the text that pops up during those events.

I've also finalized who will be appearing alongside Liz Orfino for her section. The first will be Anita Li, who was a character I wrote in a different shrinking story of mine 'Shrunken Shenanigans with Friends'. She'll be changed slightly, but she'll be pretty consistent with her original incarnation. The other will be Tanya Deshmukh, who was from 'Shrunk at College'. She will be changed a bit more, but she will still be pretty close to how she was in the original story. She'll be another of Liz Orfino's friends that you'll be able to encounter in her route, like Anita.

It'll probably still be awhile until the next actual content update, but I'm gonna try to get some stuff done tomorrow. Take care!

11/4/17 Update:
Hey everyone! For this update, the characters of Shrunk at College will be going on vacation!! This will be a fun alternate kind of route that takes place after the individual routes involving Alena, Nesi, and Allison. For the sake of this, Nick (The MC) experienced shrinking episodes with all three main girls, and reached the points where each of their routes ended. This update will have exactly 0 deaths, and will be a lot less dangerous and a lot more entertaining for the MC. I won't spoil anything else from this update, so go and check it out!

You will need to enter the passwords that were shown after reaching the ends of Alena's, Nesi's, and Allison's routes. They haven't changed, so those of you who kept the passwords can jump right into the new content. But if you haven't played the game yet, I strongly recommend playing through these routes and NOT asking for the passwords to access this new content. The interactions and content in the Alternate Scenario draws heavily on characterization from the previous routes. If you skip ahead, you'l enjoy the update a lot less.

So if people ask for the passwords, in the comments or anywhere else, just direct them to me. Please don't give out the passwords.

And (after you check out the update) you should all check out Bloopao's shrinking text adventure "The Mini Vacation" I gave him a few pointers on how I did some Quest stuff, and I can safely say that his game is pretty good and you should all give it a shot! I'm not gonna post the URL, because that stuff gets a bit too messy for my tastes. Bloopao has commented on the game, and even posted the URL in one of them, so you can easily find the game by going to his profile.

Hope you all like the release, and let me know what you think! I always appreciate reviews and general feedback.

Take care!

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Review by Morfrid
11 Jan 2018
It may be the the best giantess textadventure out there. The interactions are well written, the characters are interesting and the gameplay is intuitive. Also there are updates every 3 months or so.

Review by GR
04 Jan 2018
Fantastic start! Can't wait for more!

Review by bloopao
05 Dec 2017
Da best. Fleshed out characters, expansive environments, tons to do. Just great.

Review by billerboob
01 Dec 2017
I extremely enjoyed every second of this, I created an account just to rate it. Can't wait for the updates to the game!

Review by Prangle
22 Oct 2017
Decent characters and progression, but slightly hampered by the abundance of instant-death options.

Review by epicskull
04 Aug 2017
There is a lot of great stuff here, even though I'm not a foot person there is still more that enough to find enjoyable.

Review by cf22
16 Jul 2017
Good game, but you need to offer 'options' that won't have the players guessing what action to type out. I couldn't figure out how to make the climbing tool, or how to find anything that people say they found in the comments... [I mean I have the thumb tack edge and shoe lace string wouldn't that make sense for a climbing tool?]

Review by Tinybla
10 Jul 2017
No words, really, it's just incredibly great! And it still has so much potential!!

Review by catz4tehlolz
07 Jul 2017
Possibly my favorite gts games so far. Can't wait for more content.

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