Reviews by Pipper

Review for A Day
26 Mar 2017
That was good in a very very very sad way I even cried a little.
The thing that's the most sad about this is that it actually happens in real life. Not the dreams maybe but the other stuff

Review for Work
26 Mar 2017
I have only one thing to say

I'm bad at following directions

26 Mar 2017

I'm sorry but please also do fix the slight grammar errors.

Don't mind me I'm always a stickler with spelling and grammer

Review for Romeo and Juliet
18 Mar 2017
The absolute perfect way to do a modern life Romeo and Juliet!!! That could not have been done better!! :-)

01 Mar 2017
The lols though just the frikin lols

Review for Life as a cat
01 Jan 2017
It was really good the only way to make it better is word a bit better and make a bit longer but, all in all it's pretty good.

Review for Kiyoti
31 Dec 2016
It was fine grammar wise and the story itself was very good but, again there were no choices for the reader so that's a down side. But all in all it was pretty good.

30 Dec 2016
It's pretty good it just needs some work. Like I chose one thing and it lead right back to the same choice.