Life as a cat by waffle0eater

(this is the first text game i made.. so trying this out, I don't really know much about all these.. so yea, it may not be a great game, but I'm only practicing)

This short story is about you going to an new adult life as a cat, there may be choices you have to make.

This game has multiple endings. Tell me your ending on the comments!

(well, i see my grammar is bad, which i apologies for it, i will change it soon if i have time or even want to~)

(writing and artwork from me)

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16 May 2018
A short story with hardly any grammar. If you were going to make something like this make a game book; You just make branches of dialog and things, its the same as this but easier to make and understand. Half the time I was thinking that the good choices were too obvious. I'm surprised this isn't in the sandpit to be honest; its so short and the game is boring because you can't completely control yourself; sometimes your led into things and do or say things you don't want to do. It tells you nothing about your kit life; and you discover it one the way; but I didn't like it because most of the time I was confused with my mother's personality and other backstory about me. This isn't that great of a text adventure.


30 Mar 2018
Really cool! I like the artwork and wording!! Do more, this is really good!

Review by Pipper
01 Jan 2017
It was really good the only way to make it better is word a bit better and make a bit longer but, all in all it's pretty good.

Review by snazzy ray
22 Nov 2016
This is a good game but I got confused because it was hard to tell what was going on.

Review by sdrawkcaBtxeTemoS
16 Oct 2016
I love the illustrations. I'm eager to try all the endings. Really good game for a start!

Review by slimehero
06 Oct 2016
10/10 game of the year

Review by JaydenSilvers
30 Jul 2016
Very good game. Bad grammar throughout though.

15 Jun 2016
2 short4me

Review by Nutjitzu
14 Jan 2016
You should be the one feeling horrible PapiDimmi. waffle0eater already said the grammar was bad and that this is his/her first one. And here you come making her/him feel bad for trying. If you can't at least give friendly advice or help to make it better, then shut up and don't say anything at all.
Don't mid him waffle0eater. I think it was great! Just try reading the tutorial for guidance nxt time. ;-)

Review by PapiDimmi
07 Dec 2015
Your grammar is horrible and you should feel horrible.

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