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Reviews by mspenguin1974

Review for Amy's Day
02 Apr 2015
Very hot. Nicely written. I haven't tried all the options yet, but so far it's been extremely sexy.

Review for Yarbles!
02 Apr 2015
Some spelling and grammar errors, but overall an interesting and fun game.

Review for Salt
31 Mar 2015
Very first page:

You are in a bedroom. You can see sheets.
.You are in a restaurant. The menu has sparkly water plant anis passion fruit tomato soup from packet stew meat goulash vegetable packet wippet cream squirt chocolate powder.

The waiter looks busy.
Error running script: Error compiling expression 'waiter': Unknown object or variable 'waiter'

Picture of a bedroom with an ocean view.

Compass shows no exits possible.

Can't do anything with the sheets. Game unplayable.

Review for Sexy Hotel
31 Mar 2015
A fun little game. Quite a few interesting endings, just the right amount of choices to try. I enjoyed it. Minor spelling and grammar errors weren't that distracting. The Perfect Ending was a little weird and disturbing, but kinda cool too.

Overall, enjoyable to play and easy to try all the different choices so not overly time consuming.

Well done.

Review for Inside
31 Mar 2015
I haven't figured out how to finish the game yet. I know I'm supposed to collect things, have collected 2 things and can't find anything else to "take". I've looked around and figured out what to do by carefully reading descriptions. It's different and it's interesting and I'm stuck. I've gone as far up and down as it will allow. Any hints would be welcome!!

Review for The Player
31 Mar 2015
Short, fun little game. A couple unexpected twists were darkly funny. Would love to see this expanded a little more, actually.

Review for Everyman
30 Mar 2015
Pretty easy, but a few times I had to think a little to figure out what needed to be done. The puzzles were easy overall and yet it kept me interested enough up til the end. Very good little game. Nice ending, too. Positive message was appreciated.


Review for Haircut
28 Mar 2015
It was a cute fun story with some comical and cute options. I'd have rated it higher, but there were a LOT of spelling and grammar errors.