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Review for Sphinx
21 Dec 2018
Pretty good! High quality, well-written, creative story choices, lots of black humour and nice touch with the ALL CAPS when the Sphinx speaks. The choices have consequences and change the course of events a little bit, but I didn't always feel like they were incredibly different / had a strong impact.

21 Dec 2018
Played through it a few times. A bit short (it's just part 1) but has promise if the series picks up. I enjoyed the premise of an interrogation - it's a fun setup. Though, I would have enjoyed more tension and maybe personal stakes in the story. The setting was a little unclear - I couldn't figure out if are we a police detective, a private eye, or a thug who kidnapped the suspect? Basically, it's clear that there's a mystery, but not exactly what's driving us to figure out this mystery.