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Reviews by mem1100

Review for Zadi
08 Aug 2016
Crude and pointless. There's only one outcome, and the story is more boring than actually working an 8-hour shift at a convenience store.

Review for Doomed
08 Aug 2016
Philosophy isn't actually deep if it doesn't really explore anything. Just because your point is that choices are ultimately meaningless doesn't mean you're demonstrating it by making a game with meaningless choices. The writing is very good...this could be an interesting game if, despite the "point", there actually were goals.

Review for Spellsword
03 Aug 2016
I'm kind of a stickler for basic proofreading, especially in text-based games. The level of grammar and spelling errors is really just laziness, here. That being said, the mechanics are also a bit of a mess. Dead links, and it shouldn't be that hard to work an actual mechanic into the game that tracks your gold, stats, equipment, etc. Having the player copy/paste a template and roll a d6 is, again, simple laziness.
The saving grace (keeping this from being a 1-star game) is that the idea is fairly interesting, if not particularly original. With a bit of effort, this game could be salvaged.

03 Aug 2016
It's actually pretty funny how dramatized Rosie makes the mundane task she's given. Her crazy perspective on everything makes for a fun read, and it's fun how each decision leads to a different ending. I would have given it 5-stars if there were a bit more to it, but this is a good, solid, quick game.

01 Aug 2016
Not a bad concept for an adventure, but there's not really any common sense to any of the choices, and as I mentioned in the comments, it's difficult to tell what's going on with the horrible grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Typos are forgivable, but this story lacks basic writing skills. Perhaps if you took a little more time to proofread, or have a friend proofread it, and put a little more thought into the story, you could turn it into something workable.