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Review for Victorian Detective
05 Nov 2014
This was a fantastic short mystery that really gave me the feeling of being a Holmes-like detective. Awesome job! I thought the pictures were a nice touch although the one thing that got me was the (***SPOILER***) picture of the guy with the jagged scare in the crowd. I thought it was his nose. Even the second time showing the picture it took me a second to distinguish it as a scar. (***END SPOILER***)

But that is a small thing. The story is well written, the clues and deductions are well done, and I thought it interesting how you start by saying the Internet is like your vast knowledge, basically saying we should look up some clues online. All together the only real problems I had were Quest related, the game resetting on me and not saving my place if I took to long to look up something. But I'm using a tablet browser on the iPad.

Great job. Loved it. Can't wait for the next one!

Review for Delphi
14 Jun 2014
Very interesting story and world. I enjoyed trying the different choices. It was very short but it would be great to know more about this world and character.