Victorian Detective by peter123

You're a great detective living in Victorian London. Your internal monologue will guide you by clicking on links in the body of text as you investigate a seemingly average mugging.

Your eidetic memory is represented by your ability to reread all the story you've experienced...

Your intensely fast analyzing ability is represented by your unlimited time between choices...

Your vast knowledge is represented by the internet...

London needs you!

Please comment and rate my games, and if you enjoy the Victorian Detective series I would be happy if you voted on which game you thought was the best. Follow the link below to vote.

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Review by PaperBagSpy
06 Sep 2020
A fun mystery! Some of it feels like guesswork, but I might just be stupid.

Review by Craig Dutton
19 Jul 2020
Mustn't be a good detective. Good game!

Review by hsh
17 Jul 2020
Not my kinda game but ok.

Review by Savio
21 Jun 2020
The second-best one

Review by Swiftthunder
18 May 2020

Review by Airamov
17 Mar 2020
A great game, if you cannot leave home due to Codvid 19 pandemic. This was a recommendation from a great english teacher, on his podcast LEP. Thanks Luke!!!!

Review by kerry1989
22 Feb 2020
he doing a good job he will right to 5 star but i give him 4 star it not a bad. good luck for next work for unit converter visit

Review by Shannon Shaw
22 Nov 2019
This is a really great game. The characters are well developed, the story is thrilling and action-packed, and the clues make for a great challenge. Plus, I really like the occasional humor.

By the way, I caught Renard alive. It's the ethical choice.

Review by Syd2444
09 Nov 2019
First game I've ever played here. Very good.

Review by Caress
06 Nov 2019
excenlent, I got to say.

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