Reviews by acidfaucets

Review for The God Device
01 Jul 2018
Really cool, nice simplistic method of guiding players through the interesting story.

I also like games where the endings are earned. I got a 9/10 rating, and I'm sure there's a happier ending than what I was left with, but I felt satisfied nonetheless.

Review for Deeper
01 Jul 2018
Really cool, some very good world building and as others have said, it feels a lot like D&D. This is a great use of Quest, the format and stats and artwork all come together to create a nice professional feel for the game. However, one or two issues...

First of all, I'm an everything-checker. If I see something described, I want to assume that it's an object I can look at or interact with. The sidebar helps to show which items in a room are actual objects, but frankly I think if something is described then a player's curiosity will have to be rewarded when they want to examine it further. Some early game examples include the stone lions outside the dungeon, and the stairs once first inside.
There were also one or two script errors I came across when entering certain rooms, they all take this form:

Error running script: Error compiling expression 'FormatStringList(a)': FunctionCallElement: Could find not function 'FormatStringList(QuestList`1)'

However, my main complaint is more of a basic design flaw. At the start of the game you're on a road and told you can go east, north or south. I tried both north and south, as they were described as part of a road. The "story" tells you, however, that you don't have any desire to go those ways, and would rather go east. Why offer this choice in an RPG if the story wants you on rails at this point?

Anyway, other than those gripes, really awesome game and I would happily play hours of this kind of thing.

01 Jul 2018
Far be it from me to question another writer's artistic vision, even if it's clear that some sort of fetishism has played into that vision. However, my gripes with this game extend beyond the weird content and the whole fanfic vibe - it's just the lack of choice that bugs me. You're given orders to do things and your choices are vague, and regardless of which ones you pick it would appear through later dialogue that there's no real variation to the outcomes. This is more like a walking sim that is stuck in the territory of... a bikini model being eaten by monsters?

Again, I don't care what your game is about, even if what it's about is weird. I just don't see the point in a game that offers choices but gives no rewards for making them.

01 Jul 2018
Some decent stuff in here, but really quite short. I'm also not a fan of nearly every screen being a yes/no question that leads to either death or progression to another similar screen.