Deeper by The Pixie

The legendary dungeon has claimed the life of many an adventurer, brave and foolhardy alike. Will you fare any better?


When you start you will be presented with the character creation dialogue. You have 10 points to assign to four statistics:

Strength: Better chance to hit in melee, can wear better armour
Agility: Better chance to hit in melee, better chance to avoid being hit
Stamina: More hit points
Intelligence: Can learn and cast higher level spells

You will also get a choice of bonus items to start the game with. Note that you need a strength of at least 6 to use the armour, an intelligence of at least 6 to learn the spell. Remember to LEARN the spell!

Bonus items:
Sabre: +1 to hit bonus, does 3d4+1 damage (dagger does d6)
Firebreath: 6 fire damage
Two healing potions: each restores you to full health
Medium shield: adds 2 to your defence
Light armour: gives armour 2 (default is 0)


The dungeon is entirely randomly generated (the first three locations on the surface are not). Among other things, this means you can keep going deeper and deeper, though you will find eventually that the monsters are not getting any more powerful, whilst you just get better and better. Let me know how far you get! You may find there is a slight delay as you enter a room with stairs going down for the first time as the next level is generated.

If you keep getting lost, there is a MAP command that may help.

Note that in you play on-line, Quest will time out after about twenty minutes, so if you stop playing, SAVE YOUR GAME! Issues with loading a saved game should now be resolved.

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If you log in before playing, you'll be able to save your progress - which means you can come back later and pick up where you left off.

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Review by acidfaucets
01 Jul 2018
Really cool, some very good world building and as others have said, it feels a lot like D&D. This is a great use of Quest, the format and stats and artwork all come together to create a nice professional feel for the game. However, one or two issues...

First of all, I'm an everything-checker. If I see something described, I want to assume that it's an object I can look at or interact with. The sidebar helps to show which items in a room are actual objects, but frankly I think if something is described then a player's curiosity will have to be rewarded when they want to examine it further. Some early game examples include the stone lions outside the dungeon, and the stairs once first inside.
There were also one or two script errors I came across when entering certain rooms, they all take this form:

Error running script: Error compiling expression 'FormatStringList(a)': FunctionCallElement: Could find not function 'FormatStringList(QuestList`1)'

However, my main complaint is more of a basic design flaw. At the start of the game you're on a road and told you can go east, north or south. I tried both north and south, as they were described as part of a road. The "story" tells you, however, that you don't have any desire to go those ways, and would rather go east. Why offer this choice in an RPG if the story wants you on rails at this point?

Anyway, other than those gripes, really awesome game and I would happily play hours of this kind of thing.

Review by MaxGuy
01 Oct 2017
It is an awesome game, and has strong D&D vibes, but I haven't been able to learn the spells I get. It just tells me that "My intelligence is too low" even if it is 1 level above what it needs to be. Please fix that bug, because otherwise, it's an amazing game

Review by postsqs
22 Sep 2017
I recently got involved with a group designing a text adventure game and was asked to help design the UI and write copy for the story. I found Deeper while brushing up on my programming skills. I have had a lot of fun with Deeper, from tweaking values of items, to starting with waaay more buy points than should be allowed*chuckle*, to exploring the game, which takes a very basic dungeon-exploration concept, and brings it to life in an endlessly fun way.
That being said, I note that saving does not work because when the end of turn check stats script runs, it finds that the values are present to 0. This crashes the game. I would suggest defaulting levels to 1, then putting in an in-game mechanic which allows players to change stats back to whatever they had before saving; perhaps a potion of regeneration or a "scroll of ancient memories" or some such, something Melophelos and Kam would sell multiple units of. This wold remove the crashing issue keeping me from saving.
I also fond that when fighting a dire hag, I was transported to a lava room, on top of a column. Upon defeating the dire hag, the dialogue indicating that I was transported back appeared, but trying to move in any direction returns the movement error response, and the "look" command returns a description of the lava room. I have the file saved, and will play with the code if I have time. I also noticed the dialogue says "You find yourself stood" where it should say "you find yourself standing".
Also, if you kill the demon Melophelos, then return to the surface, the game returns an unknwn object error, a Melophelos scripts error, and crashes. I'd suggest making Melophelos unattackable unless he won't crash the game; it'd also be great if killing him dropped his stock of goods lol
Other than those bugs, great game! I've played it about twenty times, deepest level is 9, though I do sometimes abuse my point buy tweak:P

Review by Hormus
16 Aug 2017
An excellent game indeed! I loved everything about, besides the map. Everything was good!

Review by GameofChocolate
13 May 2017
Very fun, if a bit disorienting. I think you should create a better mapping system though, I got a bit lost.

Review by nara
03 Apr 2017
Well done game!

Review by Merelvdijke
30 Jul 2016
Very entertaining and well-written game! I got to -2 on the first try, drawing the map out on paper so I knew what the levels looked like. Unfortunately that map is now useless since it randomly generates a new one :-( oh well. Still lots of fun!

Review by chainmaster
22 Jul 2016
Deeper is truly amazing. It is by far more addicting than most RPG's, but it bothers me you can't bring up your stats or level, so I'd say I got to 6. However, the movement freezes sometimes and I have to reload. PLEASE fix that. Anyway, on a scale of one to ten, I'd put it somewhere around the 100,000,000,000,000,000 mark, but I'm not sure. ;D

Review by Stella S.
15 Jul 2016
I'm not much good at it, but it's actually very fun! Good job.

15 Jun 2016

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