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Review for The Metro
27 Jul 2018
It was okay. Of course it was a bit linear, but that was the whole point of this particular situation. The part that I didn't like was being told how I felt: you gave choices to obey or disobey, but either way, the player is forced to feel disobedient, so that's not really a choice at all.

Review for Small Beginnings
27 Jul 2018
It was interesting, but I felt like it needed a bit more description. I was in a cave, then in a forest, then in a labyrinth, and the next 5 minutes was nothing but changing room exits. Then apparently I ended up exhausted and the game ended.

I think it has potential; you just need to add more description to each room, and perhaps more encounters, such as more monsters or more things to do; in my entire play-through I only encountered a single small troll.

Review for Tic-Tac-Toe
26 Jul 2015
It does what it sets out to do, it does it well, and obviously (if you like tic-tac-toe) there is high replay value. Plus I give it credit for thinking outside the box of a traditional text adventure. Well done!