Small Beginnings by BethNicole71

Version 1.01 - 2018

This adventure starts in a small random world. Choose a character type and explore this little world - but be careful.

Things may not make a lot of sense in this adventure as it was developed without any pre-planning - whoops - bad idea I know.
I was just learning how features can work and will use what I've learned and make improvements for my next game.

There are more than 60 rooms and a few characters to meet. There are rooms to unlock if your score is high enough or you have spent enough time wandering around certain areas.

Bug reports via the online chat - thank you

Sequel: Ocard Adventures

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Review by Darklord Dan
27 Jul 2018
It was interesting, but I felt like it needed a bit more description. I was in a cave, then in a forest, then in a labyrinth, and the next 5 minutes was nothing but changing room exits. Then apparently I ended up exhausted and the game ended.

I think it has potential; you just need to add more description to each room, and perhaps more encounters, such as more monsters or more things to do; in my entire play-through I only encountered a single small troll.

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Published 04 Jun 2018
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