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Reviews by Jusve

The game is fairly easy, but not so much as to be boring. I agree with The Gamer that it would be nice to not have to write the full name of an object. I remember finding the writing and premise amusing, if the language mistakes are somewhat distracting. Also, the title shouldn't allude to communist alien jerks if the alien jerks aren't actually communists.

Review for Moquette
01 Aug 2014
I can't say I'm overwhelmed. The plot seems rather pointless and takes a long time to pick up; after a while of changing trains, I was almost ready to ctrl+w, believing that there really was nothing there but a "poignant" reminder of the tedium of life, the importance of making irrational decisions and humankind's simultaneous compulsions to fit in and be themselves.

It would appear that you intend to teach us to catch the day, but honestly, I don't think fiction will do that job, or at least not for myself.

Also, having to reload the page and view the trainpicture appear and slowly fade every single time the game decides to white out or ignore my command gets a bit tedious.

The various animations are pretty neat. Is there a reason why the screen is filled with letters when dear little Zorma Wossname passes out, or are you simply required to use text? Because in that case, dots would probably be a better representation of freckles or whatever it was you wrote of.