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I just played this for like two hours lol
I would have given it 5 stars if it weren't for the two or three times GD is used. Really funny game overall though

Review for Zeppelin Adventure
28 Apr 2018
This game is fantastic, and deserves 5 stars... except for that really disappointing glitch at the end of it... after you meet the old man. Please fix this! It was actually kind of painful to give a game this good less than 5 stars.
(Btw, even with the glitch, it's still TOTALLY worth playing).

Review for Text Miner
02 Oct 2016
Not many options... and you just end up getting killed by mountain lions...

01 Oct 2016
Doesn't do much besides let you become a pirate... You don't actually get to BE a pirate and do awesome piraty stuff.