Zeppelin Adventure by robinjohnson

Piloting a tea-zeppelin on Mars is a lonely job, but this run is nearly over and then you're due for a holiday. That's unless you get sucked into a puzzly adventure involving pterodactyls, robots, paternoster lifts and space elves!

This game is participating in the 2018 Spring Thing Festival of Interactive Fiction at http://springthing.net

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Review by jordanrichards320
28 Apr 2018
This game is fantastic, and deserves 5 stars... except for that really disappointing glitch at the end of it... after you meet the old man. Please fix this! It was actually kind of painful to give a game this good less than 5 stars.
(Btw, even with the glitch, it's still TOTALLY worth playing).

Review by Plover
21 Apr 2018
Wow! hope this game wins.

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Published 07 Apr 2018
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