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Reviews by SollyStartles

Review for It
01 Jul 2015
My first problem was the text, Maybe it should be an easier to read one?

When It attacked me, I had almost no seconds to react. Perhaps instead of timing it, have more commands such as run [direction], and hide in [object]?
And then when It comes into that room to attack, he would open a random object to look for you, but only one.

Review for Triskele
01 Jul 2015
I enjoyed playing through this. The writing was great, and the scenarios made me hesitant to answer in fear that I would not get a good ending.
Turns out, I think there's only one ending.

Anyway, the reason I am only giving four stars is because the fact that it was all a dream wasn't very explained and, well, it was a bit sudden.

For the most part, it was very enjoyable. Great job. :)

29 Jun 2015
This was...amazing...
I'm trembling right now typing this so it won't be much..but let me tell you...
Oh...five stars...