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Reviews by bowlofjelly

27 Jan 2020
The choices of dialogue provided are none that I would choose in this given situation. I became bored and annoyed at playing a dull character. I did not finish the game, so take the review as you will.

Review for Anchorhead
27 Jan 2020
I absolutely love this game! The world Michael Gentry created is immersive and riveting! 10/10 highly recommend! When the game ends, you get that sad, hungry feeling you get when you wish you could have had more, or that the story had continued on further. If you share this same feeling afterwards, check out Cragne Manor, a game inspired by Michael Gentry's Anchorhead!

I only have two warnings. When you see pants, "x pants". I ended up not being able to retrieve specific info that carries the game forward because I missed an item that wasn't static, and by the time it finally came around, it was too late.

And save often because there are a few points where you can die.

I got kind of confused at some parts with what word to use to do certain things. Type "help" or "hint" if you need assistance. Loved the game. Simple, yet not. I loved the illustrations.

The only downside is the beginning letter of each line is cut off, and there was a certain point, I think after the Entrance, I had to click the screen to type each time after that.

This is the second game I've played by "Rush" and so far I've loved them. Try Color the Truth next!

Review for Color the Truth
14 Jan 2020
Easy commands. A fantastic story. Interesting characters. This and Night House are my two favorite games on this site. Perfection.