Color the Truth by brirush

(This game took 2nd place in the 2016 IFComp.)

Rosalita Morales is dead, and you have to figure out who did it. The four people closest to her had the motive and the means: her partner, her secretary, her ex-husband, and her sister. Re-live their memories of Rosalita's last days to discover what really happened. But be careful: Everyone has something to hide, and everyone will Color the Truth.

Color the Truth is conversation-based murder mystery game that takes roughly 2 hours to finish. It is designed to be accessible to players who have never tried parser games, and comes with adaptive hints accessible by typing HINT.
Review by bowlofjelly
14 Jan 2020
Easy commands. A fantastic story. Interesting characters. This and Night House are my two favorite games on this site. Perfection.

Review by rubereaglenest
07 Apr 2018
Amazing effort on the mystery genre. It took second place in the Interactive Fiction Competition 2016.

It just elevates the mystery genre with great characters and smooth interaction with them.

Cool stuff.

Review by Fantasylover22
03 Apr 2018
Love this game! Well thought out characters, and lots of amusing easter eggs along the way. Didn't take me too long but thoroughly enjoyable!

30 Mar 2018

Review by ARCtype
16 Feb 2018
Great concept! Instead of focusing on objects as puzzles, this game allows the player to focus on communication and words/ideas/characters as the puzzles. I was sad when the game ended, as I wanted to make more connections. Thoroughly engaging!

Review by snazzy ray
04 May 2017
This is great! The commands are simple, but it really makes you think. I would love a sequel to this.

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