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28 Jan 2017
Honestly the content is great and its heading in an awesome direction, I personally hope to see progress continue with this, this genre is unique and hard to find good content for. I've been around the GTS and Shrink community for the past 7 or so years, it seems like theres less and less good content out there, so I was happy to come across this game. Its wonderful to see theres still new and good quality GTS and Shrink fantasy being made. And I like the elements of adult content, I hope this can be expanded upon in the future. I still haven't found all the current endings, but I certainly hope the characters and over all story can go extensively farther, that is to say I hope that once you open a path using a certain character or object that the path could go far for individual scenarios. this would include new map locations and possibly whole portions of new map that would center around certain characters and their story/interactions specifically. Basically each path being its own story and almost its game, giving the reader/player lots of different options and scenes and content with their favorite characters that they could work towards, This could also expand the value of each female character exponentially, through minimal character building and plot, but i realize the amount of time and work it would take to build this game that far. All and all, I have hopes this game will be able to continue and grow. I know there wouldn't be much in it for the creator, but for me, a game like that would be incredible. I would love a project that would produce a highly polished story like that, full of the GTS and Shrink content I know and love. I hope that more creative minds will continue making new games and stories about this, because GTS and Shrink content right now seems to be really obscure and hard to find.