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Review for 12 Hours
02 Jan 2015
And periods. And more choices.

19 Sep 2014
A very frustrating game. But then, I don't like "real time" text games. I was wondering why, despite starting out in the bathroom, there were no descriptions for basic things, like the toilet. I think it's because they're largely irrelevant. Perhaps the idea is just to keep moving to keep from dying? I did meet a security guard, but when I opted to help him, I died immediately. That was my sixth death, without even a hint of why I'd want to keep playing. I think I'm pretty much done.

Apart from the "grimmy" typo in the first sentence, it looks like some effort has been put into this, so it's not all bad. It's just not my cup of tea.

Review for The Intruder
25 Mar 2013
Not much to say, as not much to play. But then you probably know that. You have a promising premise, but it just doesn't go anywhere.

Review for Tragedy
17 Nov 2012
This has some nice touches. I enjoyed the highlighted words in the descriptions providing that extra level of guidance. There were some errors (e.g. you slipped into "I" at one point instead of "you"), and after the police station, the text was loonnggg. I tried out the various endings (I found three), and the Mustang question caught me by surprise, as I used to actually own a yellow Mustang... Overall, a pleasant experience and straightforward, if a bit light.

Review for Ditch
05 Nov 2012
I enjoyed this. The writing was engaging and occasionally funny, and the ideas were intriguing. You've set up a world that I'd like to explore more. So my only complaint is that it's too short. :)

Review for Magic Math Mine
23 Aug 2012
A nicely done endeavor. The pictures are a great addition to the basic texting, and I appreciated the extra help given for those who might not be familiar with adventures.

One difficulty. If I entered an answer wrong (and I did on the first one, as I read it wrong), then I couldn't just type the correct answer. I had to look at the room again to get it into the right state to accept the answer.

Another minor point: if you try to "use" the pasty (clicking the button in the UI), it gives a script error.

My last beef is that when the game was over, it said the total possible points was 100, but it didn't say what my score was! I'll just assume I did ok. :)