Reviews by Kazoul

Review for Eat Everything
10 Oct 2015
Love this game, the table eating part was the best! Wish there were more actions that didn't include eating, like "Attack generic enemy" would be fun, see if has anything to drop that I could eat like a sword or something. The key to a game like this would be to happy interesting/funny things to eat, definitely succeeded there. "Eeaat meeee.... eatt meeee"

28 Sep 2013
This was just great, the visuals, the sounds, the fun of achieving "PERFECT KILLING MACHINE" and getting to add an alternate ending to the jaws movie! I urge anyone to play this, it will immediately be one of your favorites!

P.S, creator guys, is there anyway I could learn to make a game like this? The way it plays is just so great!

16 Aug 2013
its good, not a lot more I can say...

16 Aug 2013
This game is greatly written, and also quite entertaining :}