High School Hilarity by Kazoul

High School is really just a real life choose-your-own-adventure! Stalkers, teachers with... weird behavior, stressful lunches, the nacho bar. Oh, yea, we cover all of these subjects on the first day!

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Review by デシキーヰ
25 Oct 2018
a few parts were genuinely good but for the most part, this is cringe and tried way too hard to be funny. sorry

Review by LemonGrabJuice
12 Feb 2017
It was hilarious! And I'd be so goddamn happy if the school was burnt down and I didn't have to go until... well, until SOMETHING happened.

I'm truly just hoping that the gay insults and sexism shit was all jokesez.

Review by TrueText
07 Jul 2015
This game cant be longer than 15-20 minutes, yet I enjoyed every second of it. This game was packed with humor, both controversial and down right hilarious. There are some continued jokes throughout the entire game, which I thought was clever as it brings the player into an in-crowd and also makes you sorta hate the writer, who acts as your guide throughout the game. The jokes are sexist in multiple ways, some fairly inappropriate, controversial, a tad mean at times, and the story doesn't go beyond 1 day of school, but I 100% enjoyed it! Just play it to see what I mean, I can promise at the very least it's an easy and humorous play!

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Published 15 Aug 2013
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