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10 Dec 2020
Good game, really , but I agree with those who think the RNG is too wild. So many times I reached vistory, only to be pushed back or killed by random events. It's not fun t be honest. I mean, staying stuck in Jennifer's vagina is fun, the Sabrina part not so much. And I do understand how the fighting works, I've spent a lot of time playing this. But still, way too random. I don't mind difficulty, but this is ridiculous. Still, great game, thanks for the story, wish I could relpay the "fun" part of the Jennifer's interaction.

10 Dec 2020
This is really good and I hope more will come. You balanced the gameplay and story really well to keep us engaged. I'm definitely checking you twitter right now, you're very talented
My favourite part so far is the farm. Something about the relationship forming. At times it seems the girls really care about the MC, at the same time they still see her as a bug or a pet at best. I really want to see that part expanded. It gives me a similar vibe as Vanessa from Shrunken Life.
Riley is also very fun :)
If I could give some suggestions : more branching dialogues could really help the immersion. I know it multiplies the work, but there are multiple opportunities in what's already there. Like when Lilac takes a pause while moving hay and talks to the MC, maybe we could say something, curse her or open up or ask what the point of all this is ... anything. Or when we meet the priestess at the temple, I would love the opportunity to plead with her and open another route. Then again the fact that we are not safe even with priestess might be a crucial point in the story.
That's pretty much it, just more choices, sorry I'm not more useful ^^
Thanks for sharing :)

Interesting and well written. The branching paths offers a lot of re playability. The morality system is a good idea, maybe it'll open up different endings ? I'll wait and see.
Without spoilers, can you confirm that combat rating and strength have an influence on something? So far and after several tests, I didn't see any difference in the story.
Don't know if I have any suggestion. I guess more interactions with Laelia and Valeria? Those were nice. More side missions ? It's an interesting way to flesh out the world.
I would also really like an option to reflect on everything that happens on each chapters, maybe in the form of a dream just before the beginning of the next chapter? For instance, could we examine what happened to our village and how we feel about it? Doesn't have to be too long, but these are probably blanks the players are already trying to fill anyway, so it could be a nice addition.
Anyway, thanks for sharing :)