Giant Adventure - The Secret of Sizon by hiddenwriter

Eons ago, the titan Minus rebelled against the other goddesses, and to this day, her tiny descendants feel the effects.

Heavy /size/ themes follow...

Tags: shrinking, giantess, macro, micro, handplay, insertion, vore, feet

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Release 3:
- Added post-farm quest
- Added Death Cards, check out a rather popular death in the beginning of the game to collect one :)
- You can now visit the trade shop in sizon market after visiting the farm!
- 4 new bad ending interactions added
- Upped save slots to 99 (previously 8)
- Fixed a MAJOR glitch with the farm sequence that skips an entire day! Check it out (you'll have to load a save before the days start/restart the game,) you may have missed 3 unique interactions as a result!

Release 2:
The game has now doubled (!) in word count. It's now 26k words with 175 little twine passage squares. That's a lot!
- The farm quest is now complete! It's extremely long, and has a very detailed entrapment sequence that covers 3 days of being "trained"
- Beginnings of a new church area added (one interaction)
- One new patron has entered the Shy Mouse Tavern
- With this update, I've tried to add some things that aren't feet focused, please do tell me how I did

Release 1:
This game is currently pretty hefty, with two fully fleshed out areas (tavern, market, as well as a WIP farm) and a fully working stat system. There are currently 13 different deaths, and even more near-deaths and other unfortunate situations. Each encounter is fully fleshed out and unique, find em' all!

REMEMBER TO SAVE. Some deaths are unavailable after certain things have been cleared. Some places are unavailable after you've left them.
Review by macrodinem
21 Feb 2021
This is, without a doubt, one of the best and most detailed macro games I've found on this site. Lore, detailed descriptions, captivating and intense Game Over screens, intimate - cruel - unaware scenes... it's got it all. I've reached the end of what's currently been updated. Is this game still being updated? If so, I'm genuinely looking forward to the next update. Thank you so much for your work.

Review by jageur
30 Jan 2021
This might be my favorite game. The story line is immersive and just conceptually its original and interesting. The farm was an awesome scene because the Lilac and Piper and Nekko characters all had great depth. There's a lot of interesting moments in this scene. I like that the main character's relationship with them starts with Piper killing her last pet and replacing him with you. Even though there was a lot of content, I still wanted more. I hope the future updates are similar

Review by Tiny Alex
10 Dec 2020
This is really good and I hope more will come. You balanced the gameplay and story really well to keep us engaged. I'm definitely checking you twitter right now, you're very talented
My favourite part so far is the farm. Something about the relationship forming. At times it seems the girls really care about the MC, at the same time they still see her as a bug or a pet at best. I really want to see that part expanded. It gives me a similar vibe as Vanessa from Shrunken Life.
Riley is also very fun :)
If I could give some suggestions : more branching dialogues could really help the immersion. I know it multiplies the work, but there are multiple opportunities in what's already there. Like when Lilac takes a pause while moving hay and talks to the MC, maybe we could say something, curse her or open up or ask what the point of all this is ... anything. Or when we meet the priestess at the temple, I would love the opportunity to plead with her and open another route. Then again the fact that we are not safe even with priestess might be a crucial point in the story.
That's pretty much it, just more choices, sorry I'm not more useful ^^
Thanks for sharing :)

Review by MadBoy118
17 Sep 2020
I'm really liking this game!!

The characters are all fun, especially the two in the farm since we got to experience them a lot more. Which was a nice time (not for the MC though lolol.)

There are a few spelling errors scattered here and there, but it isn't anything to detract from the game. The writing you put into it flows well, as it doesn't feel that rushed (Except for the second vore scene with Momo :( [Sorry, that's my personal bias to catgirls kicking in]). The death scenes as well as just regular interaction are fun.

The D&D styled (I think, it could just be a common dice game thing) saving throws and skill checks are a nice touch, as well as the levelling up. The DC's are usually fair, except for when they're not supposed to be, which is a nice way to imply: 'nah, u screwed.'

Even though you have a preference to feet centered content, it's really fun to have that variety of genres.

There is a lack of tiny-to-tiny interaction. There are few at beginning, and a bit scattered here and there I think, it would be fun if we could like idk, we small quests from them for smolcoins. There's also no way to get any gold! I think. Though that may be coming in a later update.

In other words I really the game and hope to see more in the future!! Also, this is my first review so, sorry if it's too rambly, but I think I got all I wanted to say out. Keep doing what you're doing dev. Peace.

Review by Themagicallltiny
14 Sep 2020
This is a really amazing game. Can't wait to see what you add to it later.

Review by Qwertguy12
15 Jul 2020
Excellent work! Very detailed!

Review by meknes
13 Jul 2020
Very nice! I really like where this interactive seems to be heading. While, I do think that it's a bit too foot-centric for my tastes as some have already noted, you also seem to be progressively steering towards other stuff as well.

I'd personally expand the choices while the player character finds herself within Piper's filthy clutches, as I personally think that it's a bit too linear. Not suggesting stuff like exploring the house or anything, just some stuff that'd be a bit more consequential, like pretending to be dead for so long that you're tossed to Momo or something. I'm also not entirely sure what "will" really does, as I've dropped to the lowest level I can get (55) and nothing of note seems to happen.

I do think that the vore segments could be expanded upon though. They're typically very brief, resembling more of a quick "game over" screen indicating how the avatar died rather than the more detailed smut that I've seen in other areas. I can understand that you might not want to dwell too much on that stuff for the sake of focusing on other narratives, but I feel that these parts in particular could really benefit from a bit more detail.

I have written vore and other macro stuff before, and I believe I can tell you a thing or two about writing this sort of thing if you have the patience to listen to my questionable ramblings. I admittedly got carried away and written my advice to be a bit more lengthy than I initially intended, so I put said advice in a Pastebin as to not hog up too much room. Hopefully you'll find at least some parts of it useful.

Review by shrinkandgrow
08 Jun 2020
This game is incredible, and I love how it leaves little bits to be discovered. Like I would really like to know what happened with Lilac's former pet or maybe what happens with the farm girls after you leave. I find that you are taken away from the farm right after you begin to connect, and that could be a really nice plot device for something to happen on a next update.

Anyways, the game is great, keep it up!

Review by Drizell
08 May 2020
I've been enjoying this little game so far. I like the writing, which tries to take itself suprisingly a bit seriously. Fetish wise the game is definitely focused on feet which for me is a good thing, but I can see how it may be anoying for others. If I was the writer I would try to bring more of other fetishes such as vore or insertation. I would also suggest to try and be more specific during those deaths, because when you get gulped up the description is much shorter and vague. Also I would try to give more ends for people that don't find snuff appealing, there are a couple of those endings but not enough. For me best girls so far are Neko rouge, Bar tender and Riley. In general I think the game can be better, but so far as a feet fag I think it's great.

Review by nthslayer
03 May 2020
I really enjoyed playing through the game so far and finding all of the endings in it. There is a ton of content so far with plenty of branching paths all with very descriptive writing that I enjoyed reading all of. The image for one of the endings with the neko rouge is very nice and I can’t wait for more to be added. The writer themselves said on Twitter that they feel the story is a bit too foot focused. I didn’t mind because feet is my main kink, but for anyone who doesn’t feel the same you would be pleased to know there is a lot more besides just that in the story. It’s got a nice balance of handplay, insertion, vore and a lot of entrapment. Overall I am super excited to see more from this game, especially with the neko rouge and Amazon in the weapon shop, they were my favorite girls.

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