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Review for Who Among Us
01 Apr 2016
Great fun! It held my interest all the way through - unheard of, especially as reading the white-on-black really messed with my eyes.

I'm clearly not cut out to be a private investigator, thought I'd spotted the killer and felt I was being so clever, and was wrong. :D Can't bring myself to replay now that I know. That's probably the thing wrong with this, that actually matters.

There are lots of spelling mistakes and things that look like "note to self" which shouldn't have been visible to the reader/player. But they didn't spoil it for me. Good writing, great sense of place and the characters didn't get muddled in my mind. I'd read a novel or story/ies by Tia Orisney, and I will go and find her other games that reviewers mention. Thanks for this one!

Review for Cradle
29 Mar 2016
No choices that are really choices, and nothing happens after planting the seeds. This brief, it ought to be fun at least! Lots of "loose ends" such as each seed mentioned again in the location description, even after you've taken it and it isn't there. I've tried all suggestions mentioned in the comments. Maybe they have to be planted *in the right order* but honestly, it's not gripping enough to go through the options. Disappointed by the premise - I thought I'd either learn something about ancient history, or revel in the atmosphere of those times, ideally both. Oh well.