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Review for Im new here
28 Oct 2016
It's a good story, with funny sentences like "you feel as if someone took a big crap on your soul" and "bitch blade" that make the experience more enjoyable. However, there are a lot of spelling errors and capitalization mistakes that detract from the story. For example, what is "face extension human" supposed to mean? I'm guessing it's supposed to say "extinction", but it's very confusing. Also, the ideas are somewhat cliched, but you could use that to your advantage and make it a satire on cliches or somehow otherwise use it for humor.

17 Oct 2016
OMG this was hilarious. I laughed out loud at the "teenage girls who committed suicide when Zayn Malik left One Direction" part XD

Review for The Hospital
15 Oct 2016
It's a very frightening atmosphere and a good game, but it's also quite short. I would have like more backstory to this, perhaps an explanation of why you're in the hospital. Also, the dark red font was annoying and difficult to read against the black background. Next time, I suggest using the bright red font or white font against a black background.