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Review for All the Queen's Men
18 Mar 2017
I've only played once - meaning, only one of the possible endings. The setting was great, and the characters were really interesting, but if all the story lines are as short and... overly simplistic... as the one I took, then this game has a lot of room for improvement.

12 Nov 2014
It was really fun - in a sort of cynical way - I love it!
Now, I don't know if it's because it's just episode 1, but in the future it would be fun if a wrong choice didn't kill the player RIGHT AWAY. (It's perfect for episode 1, when things are supposed to be easy, because it helps the player understand that they CAN get killed and that there IS a right way to go about things) For future episodes, I think it would be useful to allow both choices/storylines to play out a little, so when the player AT LAST dies, he/she would have to think "What did I do wrong, and when?". And, at this point, of course, it would be useful to include more clues to help the player not to die as often.
Also, there a couple of "you're" that were supposed to be "your".