All the Queen's Men by RobberBaroness

On this day, your regency ends and you become Queen of Fierano. Although war threatens on all sides, there is a temporary truce in honor of your coming of age...and as a chance for everyone to woo you to their side. In some cases, this is literal, as any marriage proposal you accept will cement and break alliances. Everyone is the hero in their own story, and everyone is the villain in someone else's.

Will your story be a grand romance, a political disaster, or a shrewd negotiation? And is there another way entirely to keep your country safe?
Review by acdantas
18 Mar 2017
I've only played once - meaning, only one of the possible endings. The setting was great, and the characters were really interesting, but if all the story lines are as short and... overly simplistic... as the one I took, then this game has a lot of room for improvement.

Review by 645Kitty
12 Mar 2017
No words for how incredible this is :)

Review by greatbo12
19 Nov 2016
Good descriptions and lovable characters! Good job!

Review by YumYumLady
07 Apr 2016
Great storylines but it was a bit short. I wished it had more options and character growth to make the story longer.

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Published 10 Jul 2015
Updated 14 Jul 2015