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06 Nov 2021
You're the best at making these, easilly. This one has some of the best moments of your stories so far, can't wait for more. If I could suggest something for the next game you make, I'd have to say being able to interact with some of the characters you'll be shrunk next to before you are shrunken would be amazing. I like how in this story the main character is acquainted with most girls you come across, adding something about them before you get shrunk would only make it better. Either that or allow us to shrink and unshrink at will, like shrunk at highschool, so that we can interact with them, I think if you did that for your next one it would end up being the best game on this site. I appreciate that you make new stories often, unlike most who make massive games they aren't going to finish and promptly abandoning them. It also allows us to see so many settings and situations that don't come up in most text adventures.Can't wait to see more from you. 10/10

Review for Smallston
06 Nov 2021
Overrated af